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Print Social - 'International Women's Day 2023' Campaign

This year for International Women’s Day, I teamed up with Print Social @weareprintsocial to create a limited edition design for a number of their garments, celebrating sisterhood and the empowerment of women.


Printed on both the front and back of the garment, you can pick from a number of T-shirt and sweatshirt styles of different colours, as well as a tote bag!


5% of all profits (+ Print Social’s donation) will be donated to ‘Girls Out Loud’. @girlsoutloudorg is an organisation working with young girls to help find their sense of self, improve their confidence, self esteem and self respect, as well as introducing them to powerful role models in the media and their community.


You will be able to find this design on Print Social’s website, but also by following this link: 

Drawn using Procreate software and rough pencil brushes.

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