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  • Ellis Brown

Freebies: Phone Wallpapers

Happy 1st of August! I'm hoping to spend this month giving my shop a much needed update. So I'm working on designs for new prints, stickers, cards, etc. Once I have my shop up and running, I hope to finally take part in illustration fairs - what a dream! For a little experiment, I've designed some free wallpapers that you can download for your own personal use. Scroll down and click on the pictures at the bottom of this post to download the file onto your phone. I would love feedback, so if you do download any of these wallpapers please post photos, tag me & let me know what you think!

Download: To download these files, click on the individual images below so they open up in 'expand mode', hold and click save. Alternatively you can screenshot them.


I hope you like them! I'm excited to create more freebies to share with you all. If any of you have any trouble downloading these files or if they are not the correct size for your phone, please contact me via email on and I will hopefully sort it out for you!

Thank you for your support!

Ellis x


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