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'Mini Memory Museum'

A collection of miniature models, recreating some nostalgic memories and belongings, collected from my childhood and mostly stored in my loft, inspired by artist Lydia Ricci.

A ‘house’ storage box, my old school bookbag, Brum backpack, Tweenies mixtape, old school books, an old cap of mine, a blow up pink armchair and Fischer Price roller skates! 

Made with clay and hand painted tiny details.

'Mini Memory Museum'

Responding to the theme ‘Project Loft’, I’m exploring Nostalgia, Memory and Collecting through this miniature zine ‘Mini Memories’ where I reflect on childhood ephemera stored in my ‘Charleston Street Loft’.

I am also experimenting with how the zine can be stored and how I can potentially give away little miniature models to encourage collecting!


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